Hello Motherfucker, Yeah, Keep Lookin’

Alienated Anonymous is building a strange new community. It differs from other 12 Step groups in three important respects. One, we do not believe we are powerless. Two, we do not lie about our founders dropping a lot of acid. Three, we do take a position on outside issues because there is some fucked up shit going on.

And of course we are fucking badass.


Twelve Steps

  1. So, you see you are alienated now. 
  2. Everyone else is alienated also.
  3. Find other people who get it and sit down and talk to them.
  4.  Be real with yourself. 
  5.  You are a badass motherfucker.
  6.  Get at that fear and let it go.
  7.  Fucking accept one another’s differences…to some degree.
  8.  We are the motherfuckers that do something about alienation.
  9.  We come together as a force of nature to defy alienation.
  10.  We find a strange new community among us.
  11.  The purpose of this is left open for us all to define.
  12.  Having got some semblance of our shit together, we carry this message to the alienated out there and practice these principals and try not judge others for their shit.